Hiyo people! This is my very first webpage and I don't exactly know what I'm doing... (I'm using 1st page 2000 easy mode as we speak) So if this site is kinda crude, don't laugh too hard... Anyhoo, this site is basically a place to keep a tiny number of MSTings my friend and I have done. Er... it's kind of hard to explain my MSTings because I don't use conventional methods to write them(i.e. I don't use original characters, settings, plot, storyline, etc.). I just basically had some fun soooOOoo, I hope you enjoy!

Last updated: 2/9/02
w00t w00t! this little tribute is to all those ppl (well, just the two that signed the gb) who actually READ some of my fics (which i find is hilarious b/c... ya know... they kinda suck) so mad props you guys (sorry for lack of updates) and also to grace, my partner in crime...

MSTs By Series!

Flames will happily be accepted by Tasuki-kun!
BTW: These Buttons are mine. I don't really know why anyone would try to steal my crappy drawings ::sweatdrops:: but just in case someone with really bad eyesight wants to steal... Please, please, please e-mail me if you want to use the pics!

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